It's time to Feast!
Our busy lifestyles, lack of time and long commutes mean that we settle for unhygienic, bad food for the sake of convenience or cost. Preservative-laden, rushed takeaways or greasy deliveries ensure that we don't end up feeling happy or healthy.

Welcome to Feast in a Tray. Welcome to tasty meals everyday!

Give yourself the gift of good food with customisable, fresh meals delivered to your doorstep - conveniently and hygienically in disposable trays.Treat yourself to meals that you can choose and combine to your specific tastes and needs.

We cater to corporate entities, individuals, events, parties and late nights. Just call us three hours before, pick and choose your meal and we promise you, each one will be a Feast in a Tray.

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Dial 24/7 Feastline: 8108 304 304